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          Slate -- Silver Gray  
Item Name Silver Gray
...:: Standard Specification ::...

Chisel Splitting : Possible

- Finishes Offered : Both Faces Natural One Face Natural & One Face Calliberated One Face Calliberated & One Face Honed

- Standard Thickness 10-20mm
(± 1.5mm) 10mm
(± 1.5mm)

- Standard Dimension 30x30
60x30 30x30

Other Sizes or specifications available on request
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Slate is a metamorphic rock which is impermeable, hard, close in texture, quick drying, frost resistant, fine grained and fissile - ie it splits easily into thin layers. It is brittle and needs to be handled carefully

Formats/Sizes Available
Tiles, slabs, cut to size pavements, flags.

Finishes Available
Naturally non-slip surface can be rubbed plain or finished with clear varnish after fixing.

Recommended Applications
Wall-cladding, roofing, flooring and all other types of interior & exterior applications depending upon the imagination of an architect.