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          Pebbles -- Yellow Pebbles  
Item Name
Yellow Pebbles
...:: Standard Specification ::...
Formats/Sizes Available
Upto 1", 1"-2", 2"-3", 3" and above


Other Sizes or specifications available on request
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Pebbles are smaller stones used in decorating the fountains and pathways in the garden. These are used at a large scale for various interior-designing purposes due to their fireproof nature and low maintenance cost.

Formats/Sizes Available
Upto 1", 1"-2", 2"-3", 3" and above.

Finishes Available
Dry tumbled pebbles, wet tumbled pebbles. The finished surface varies as dry tumbling provides the pebbles are polished/ smooth finish in comparison to the wet tumbled stone.

Recommended Applications
Fountains, landscaping and all other types of exterior and interior application depending upon the imagination of an architect.